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About Facilitation for Integrated Community Rural Development

Facilitation for Integrated Community Rural Development (FICRD) is an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Lira, northern Uganda. FICRD prime motto is capacity building and services delivery to the deprived and marginalized people of the society.

In 2006 a group of women, youth and disabilities got together to establish an organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of formally abducted women and children during the two decade insurgency in northern Uganda. Considering their association with the development sector the group was cognizant of the plethora of problems plaguing the region. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in in terms of geography or sector. Whilst operating in different districts of the region, FICRD has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth & women empowerment, emergency response & preparedness, governance, free legal aid, human rights.

The type of activities undertaken by the organization range from capacity building to service delivery, with focus remaining on the deprived and marginalized segments of the society. Whereas in terms of operations what characterizes FICRD’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass root level; and (b) mobilize women including women with disabilities for sexual reproductive health, maternal and child health, and development in society.

Our Mission

To excel in providing accessible and affordable quality SRH services to rural poor community in a sustainable manner.

Our Vision

Uganda where everyone has access to better SRH and provided without discriminations.


To contribute to poverty reduction and improve the quality of life for young people (10 - 30 years) by increasing access to SRHR.

Our Specific Objectives Includes:
  • 1. To Provide quality legal assistance to juvenile victims of sexual abuse
  • 2. Increased household income and economic activities.
  • 3. Establish youth Group different area in Uganda.
  • 4. To expand and continue supporting FICRD Maternity Home and Clinic – Akia.
  • 5. To establish and registered medical training institutions in Uganda to order to provide cheap and affordable training to youth girls in northern Uganda.
  • 6. Promote Gender equality.
  • 7. Humanitarian assistance in natural and manmade disaster.
  • 8. To devise and organize for women youth, and children particularly to their rights to acquire educations and improve their health and earnings.
  • 9. To increase the education of the target community for the betterment of their own subsistence.
  • 10. To establish working relations amongst provincial government, bar councils and like-minded non-government organizations
  • 11. Improve health conditions by providing basic health and hygiene education and services to the communities residing in neglected areas

Find Us

  • 5km Lira – Alebtong Road, Akia, Lira
  • ficrduganda@yahoo.com
  • +256(0)776-191-303 / +256(0)753-191-303















# Name Sex Designation Personal Nature Professional Work Experience
1 Ogwang Moses Adonyo Male Executive director Physical Disability Public Health 17 years working in public and NGOs experienced
2 Apio Catherine Opio Female Board Chairperson Physical Disability Social Workers 35 years of working in community based project
3 Okello Caxson Otile Male Vice Board Chairperson No. disability Social Worker 40 Years
4 Achola Susan Female Treasurer No. disability Social Worker 40 Years
5 Wakello Dorcus Female Program Advisor No. disability Public Health 24 years experienced
6 Awor Lonah Recho Female Member No. disability Social Worker 5 years experienced
7 Adongo Caroline Female Member Physical disability Social Worker 12 years experienced

Provision of Community Quality Health Care