5 Kilometer along Lira – Aloi Road

Health Unit

Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention

  •   This thematic area entails following important features for development
  •   Develop immunization programs for venereal diseases and epidemics.
  •   Organizing events for public health along with government.
  •   Establishment of community health centers at remote areas where people don’t have access to the health facilities.
  •   Develop awareness campaigns for HIV prevention, reproductive health; life skills based education and sexual rights.


FICRD has networked with other NGO’s handling HIV/AIDS in Uganda. FICRD is a member of UNASO, NGO Forums, NAC and DAC. FICRD distribute IEC materials for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. in the communities of Lango, Acholi and Teso sub regions.

Awareness Creation

FICRD-creates awareness on pressing issues in the communities through radio programmes, sensitization meetings, music, dance and drama, sports gala, film shows among others.

Health unit

FICRD has established a health unit at their head office. The health unit was put in place to help the rural communities’ access quality medical care at affordable cost. It operates from Monday to Sunday from 8: 00 am - 6:00 pm, with well experienced and qualified staffs. At our health unit, HIV Counseling and Testing is carried out every Tuesdays and Thursdays to Adolescents at no cost. Sexual Transmitted Infections services including Family Planning to young people and Adolescents.

Partnership with Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU) – USAID/UKAID/BlueStar project:

FICRD has also implementing MSU- USAID/UKAID/Blue Star funded project under private facilities based in Lira Municipality, northern Uganda. The following activities are carryout during the Blue Star activities; Community Mobilization and Sensitization on Reproductive Health, Community Awareness and Information, Social Marketing and Entrepreneurship of Reproductive Health Products, Family Planning Services including Condom education and distribution, Cancer of the Cervix Awareness and Screening, and Child Health Project.

The capacities of FICRD staffs were built on provision of quality FP services, care and post operational management; staffs were also trained in simple procedure, cancer screening, STI and organization cost effective management. The MSU under Blue star Private Sector project supported FICRD Maternity Home and Clinic with cost effective medical equipment such as Autoclave machine, Delivery beds, HCG testing kits, Contraceptives pills, condoms and other family planning contraceptives materials

Provision of Community Quality Health Care